Steps to Lose Weight

Hi, I’m John Devon and I want to help you.

Your discovery of this web site probably means that you are searching for the best steps to lose weight. You want to shed those extra pounds. You need to know what to do to lose weight.

Why do I want to help you? There was a time some years ago when I too was overweight — twenty-five pounds overweight to be exact. I felt like I wasn’t in shape. Clothes didn’t fit well. I didn’t like it.

Some of the delicious foods that I ate while growing up were not good for me. In the southern U.S. where I was raised, high-fat, high- carbohydrate diets were common. Lots of mashed potatoes and gravy. Lots of bacon and pork. Eggs fried in bacon fat.

What to do to lose weight

I was concerned about my overweight condition so I started reading articles about healthy diets. It seemed that every magazine I picked up featured an article on food and weight loss. The real “kicker” was a book entitled “Heart Attack” about the relationship between heart disease and diets. The message from the book became etched in my mind. It changed the way I looked at food. This “a-ha” moment was one of my best steps to lose weight.

I began to watch carefully what and how I ate. I cut back on excessive carbohydrates and fats. I was careful not to overeat. Taking action was another one of my most important steps to lose weight. I exercised regularly and ate healthy nutritious meals — Regular exercise and careful eating continue to be my best steps to lose weight.

The more books and articles I read, the more concerned I became about the risks of being overweight. I noticed how being overweight affected members of my family. Some had congestive heart disease and other chronic diseases that I now feel sure were associated with too much weight.

Not only is obesity a personal problem for many people, it has become a national issue leading to high health care costs.

I continue to read books and articles about nutrition, diets and weight control from the library and the Internet. I have studied numerous diet plans now available on the Internet.

Best steps to lose weight

I created this web site to help you in your weight loss journey. I want to share with you the best steps to lose weight. I want you to know what to do to lose weight. The resources and products you will find here will definitely put you on the right road to success in your journey.

I am happy to say that I lost those twenty-five pounds and you can too!!

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