#3 The Diet Solution

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The Diet Solution

The Diet Solution

This new diet program has quickly become very popular. Certified nutritionist and exercise specialist Isabel De Los Rios has counseled lots of people helping them to lose weight and maintain health. She has also worked with people having health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and obesity — helping them fight their condition and maintain health. She brought all her knowledge and experience together in The Diet Solution Program.

She claims you can lose 3 to 5 pounds in the first week if you follow the program.

The Diet Solution is not an extreme diet. It recommends wholesome natural foods and includes detailed meal plans and shopping lists, recipes and serving sizes. If you eat the right foods you can eat a lot. You don’t have to go hungry.

Her quick start guide gets you off and running without a lot of wasted time.  You get a quick start meal planner and advice about how to get started.

The key to weight loss, according to De Los Rios, is to change your eating habits so that you are eating healthy nutritious foods. She suggests techniques to help you change your attitude about food, diets and eating habits.

The plan tells you how to determine your personal metabolism and choose the foods that are right for you. It helps you identify fat burning foods and how to combine foods for best fat burning effect. You choose a meal plan containing the right proportion of macronutrients — proteins, carbs, and healthy fats — that fits your metabolic type.

The diet plan claims to work without exercise, but goes on to say that exercise is essential to healthy living. Exercise routines and workouts are included.

If you want a lifetime plan to maintain your ideal weight that comes with free bonuses, membership and lots of resources, consider The Diet Solution.

Click here to lose 3 to 5 pounds
in the next 7 days

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